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Front Office Courses

  • Expert Level Scheduling

    Master the art of scheduling.


    Call conversions, Patient Re-activation, and patient service

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    Call conversions.

    Patient re-activation.

    Patient Services.

    Do you want to convert every call into a scheduled appointment?


    Learn how to answer the most difficult questions and convert those calls to scheduled appointments. Get your first time callers to be excited to meet your team in person!

    Unscheduled treatments are like unearthed diamonds in your backyard.


    Increase your profits without spending a penny on marketing. Learn just how much money/un-scheduled treatment you’ve left on the table and help your patients commit to completing their treatment.

    Every patient will feel
    like a V.I.P. once you've transformed their dental experience.


    Become a dental concierge and transform the patient experience into that V.I.P. treatment they seek. You will learn how to breathe new meaning into the phrase “How can I help you?” and transform it to “How can we serve you?”.


  • Accounts Recovery  (COMING SOON)

    No more lost money.



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    Accurate Claims.


    More information means more money.


    Learn how to write accurate and thorough narratives to increase insurance payment and decrease denials.

    Be clear and concise.


    Avoid the most common mistakes and omissions that slow down the process of getting paid.

    Don't let your money
    be held hostage.


    Gain a full understanding of the true cost of doing dentistry, the value and necessity of oral health, and key words that get you paid.

  • First Impressions  (COMING SOON)

    You had me at hello.


    ETIQUETTE and image awareness for today's dental professional

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    What is proper etiquette in the dental office?


    Proper etiquette is appropriate and professional interaction between the dental team and the patient. How patients perceive us is based on how we present ourselves. Learn how to create the best first impression possible.

    Go from villain to hero.


    Image awareness allows us the opportunity to change that image, in turn, allowing us to see more patients and teach them the importance of prevention and oral health. How we look, speak, and act sets the tone for
    the relationship.

    Get to the point.


    Learn how to speak professionally and clearly while making your patients feel heard, understood and respected. Hone your listening skills, recognize key words that offer insight to what type of personality your patients have  and how to reach them.

  • Communications

    Know No's.


    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION FOR today's dental professional




    Patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.


    Have meaningful conversations that engage the patient and build relationships to grow the practice.

    Learn how to handle
    some of the most challenging situations.


    From difficult questions about fees or cancellation calls, you will develop the proper responses that encourage patients to make and keep their appointments.

    Ready, set, go!


    When you know your “no’s”, your communication skills will improve and you will be better prepared to handle the difficult questions and situations we often face in the dental practice.


Leadership & Administrative Courses

  • Hire Train and Retain  |  Corporate HR System  (COMING SOON)

    Become a hiring expert,not a firing expert.


    recruit, hire, train, and retain long-term employees at a corporate level





    Save valuable time
    with our pre-screening tools.


    Our personality and skills assessment is designed to determine whether the applicant is self centered or outward focused. Anyone can tell you what you what you want to hear during an interview. Save valuable time by pre-screening applicants. Our expert interviewing section will show you how to extract valuable information during the interview.

    Set up your new hire and

    team for a successful transition.


    Set the tone for high level work performance with clear expectations using our corporate level on-boarding system.  From customizable downloads and detailed training itinerary, your new hire will be prepared to perform at the same top level as you and your team.

    Hiring someone without dental experience or you want to transition someone from the front to the back or vice versa? We’ve got you covered with the online self-study courses.

    Your employees won't

    want to leave.


    Our leadership series will inspire you and help you lead your team to greatness. From dealing with difficult employees, to motivating your team to work as hard as you, our leadership courses will fill your tank with the fuel needed to run full speed ahead!

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  • TRM  |  Team Resource Management Training

    Leverage your most valuable resource.



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    Take action.

    Track profitabilty.

    Take inventory.


    Know your resources by taking an in depth look at your team with our evaluation forms and analysis.

    Create IAP-Individual Action Plans.


    Learn the strengths, weaknesses and needs of your team, and create a plan to leverage their talents and provide opportunities for growth.

    The difference to
    your bottom line.


    From referrals, reviews, and case acceptance, the proof is in the numbers. When you utilize all available resources, you leave it all on the playing field! This is the approach of a winning team!

  • Leadership for the Ages   |  Understanding Generational Differences  (COMING SOON)

    Bridge the generational gaps in your practice.



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    We can get along.

    Lead your tribe.

    Understanding the different characteristics.


    Knowledge is power. Sometimes, the disconnect lies in a generalization of employees and unrealistic expectations.

    Achieve harmony in
    your practice.


    If you don’t understand the differences, you can’t effectively lead. When you don’t effectively lead, some employees will assume the burden and stress of leading while others take advantage of the confusion.

    Understand the nature
    of tribes.


    Recognize the nature of the existing tribes in your practice. Is there a toxic tribe? More than one tribe? Who are the leaders? You can’t force a new tribe but you can learn to restructure one and be the leader.

  • The Unstuck Dentist  |  Professional Growth

    How Personal Change Leads To Practice Success


    Identify expectations and inner barriers

    Assess and clarify.

    With the day to day grind, we often find ourselves stuck and don’t know how we got there.


    You will gain the skills to assess and clarify where you’re stuck in your practice journey. Identify expectations and inner barriers that are keeping you stuck, and how to work through them.


    Explore and implement.

    Start your journey.


    Implement the M/A/P (an unoriginal but fitting acronym) system instead of default beliefs that hold you back personally and professionally. Start inside and work your way out by taking small steps, implementing change and start making progress

    Propel forward.

    Get unstuck, and unlock the potential of your practice.


    Reflect on and better manage time and energy— switching from low-level activities to prioritizing activities that align with your goals, are fulfilling and keep you on track in your practice.


  • SOS  | The Spirit of Service

    Join the revolution!



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    Trust and service.

    Do unto others.


    When you are service centered, and truly in the spirit to serve, your patients will feel at ease and trust that when you present your recommendations for treatment, you have their best interest in mind.

    Identify the road blocks.

    Unleash the power.


    Learn how to recognize the things that often block you from fully serving and what triggers cause you to conserve your energy. Get rid of your fear of burning out. Full speed ahead!

    Full service fuel station.

    Fill your tank.


    People who volunteer seem to have an unlimited supply of energy, Create a culture of service so fulfilling, your team and patients will want more. Fill your tank by serving the needs of others.

Clinical Courses

  • Radiation Health & Safety  |  A Comprehensive Exam Preparation

    Be prepared.


    check your understanding and take your test with confidence.


    How it’s made.


    Learn the science of how x-rays were discovered and how dental x-rays are produced. From film, to digital imaging, we cover the science you need to know.

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    Protect yourself and
    your patients.


    From infection control to accuracy, learn the effects of radiation to the body and precautions to take while producing quality x-rays.


    Take your exams with confidence.


    This comprehensive course serves as a preparation for radiation safety exams.


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